PMA — October 2009
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The 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference, held Nov. 10-12, at the Monterey Conference Center in Monterey, Calif., will once again provide an intriguing glimpse into the future of imaging. The key themes of the conference will center on four main topics: The advent of 3D imaging, the on-demand printing revolution, synergies between camera phones and social networking, and the rising industry clout of amateur photographers. Topics will be examined through session clusters, approaching the topics from different perspectives: technology demonstrations, expert presentations, and industrydefining panel discussions.

After Conference Chair Alexis Gerard delivers his “6Sight Perspective” address Nov. 11, the proceedings will kick off with a keynote speech by Ramesh Raskar, Ph.D., visionary researcher and educator from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab, who will speak on “Computational Photography – The Future Starts Now.”

“Computational Photography offers the promise of major advances in visual expression and communication,” says Gerard. “It will enable us to create images that break out of traditional constraints to retain more fully our fondest and most important memories, and it will extend the archival and artistic possibilities of photography. Our attendees will witness the absolute state of the art as Professor Raskar explains and demonstrates advances his group is working on in the areas of generalized optics, sensors, illumination methods, processing, and displays. His talk will truly be a window into the future of imaging. We’re excited to bring this rare opportunity to the 6Sight community.”

“Though revolutionary in many ways, digital photography is essentially electronically implemented film photography,” says Raskar. “We are looking for ways to improve both quality and usability of digital imaging to effect changes in the way people interact with images in their personal and professional lives, as well as how they interact with each other in our society.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to examine the first mass market-oriented consumer product in the emerging digital 3D imaging category when Jim Calverley of Fujifilm presents the shipping version of the Fujifilm groundbreaking FinePix Real 3D W1, capable of shooting 3D images and video, which can be viewed on its built-in 2. 8-inch LCD screen or through the 3D V1 viewer, an 8-inch LCD photo frame Fujifilm will also demonstrate.

This will be followed by an overview of the state of the art of 3D technology by Lenny Lipton, author, filmmaker, founder of StereoGraphics Corp. and a pioneer of the electronic stereoscopic display industry.

Rick Dean, vice president, technology development at THX Ltd., and board member of 3D@Home Consortium, will then speak on “Hollywood and Your Television,” an overview of commercial 3D content development and its in uence on the emergence of 3D-capable televisions in the home. A panel of experts, including Adobe Systems Inc. senior creative director Russell Prescott Brown, and HumanEyes Technologies sales director Jeff Miller, will discuss the “State of Lenticular Printing Technology,” after which nationally collected photographer and lenticular artist Bonny Lhotka will discuss “Dimensionality in Imaging,” drawing examples from a collection of her works that will be on display at the Monterey Conference Center Alvarado Gallery during the conference. Two panel discussions will address “Opportunities in Lenticular Printing” and “Bringing 3D into the Consumer Mainstream.” Speakers at these panel sessions will include Adobe Systems senior creative director Russell Preston Brown, Woodside Capital Partners managing partner Rudy Burger, International Photographic Council president James Chung, HumanEyes Technologies sales director Jeff Miller, and PC World writer Melissa Perenson.

Future Image Inc. senior analyst Tony Henning will present his annual “State of the Camera Phone Industry,” followed by demonstrations of groundbreaking camera phone image processing technology by Scalado and Imsense, and a panel Discussion on “Social Networking: Mobile and Visual.”

On Nov. 12, Future Image senior analyst Paul Worthington will present his annual “State of the Camera Industry,” after which the keynote will be delivered by noted photographer, author, and digital imaging pioneer Stephen Johnson, who will address how cameras should evolve to broaden the creative potential of photographers. This session will be followed by a presentation of new research study, conducted by PMA and Future Image, on the behavior of digital, internet-active photo enthusiasts. A demonstration of technology used to communicate and locate copyright ownership by Digimarc and ImageSpan will be followed by two panel discussions focusing on how social networks are transforming and energizing the photo enthusiast market, and on opportunities to monetize the content produced by these enthusiasts. Participants include Graffiti CEO Mark Kantor, DotPhoto CEO Glenn Paul, Cutcaster CEO John Griffin, and former ASMP executive director, and author of “Selling Your Photography” Richard Weisgrau.

This will be followed by the unique 6Sight Industry Analyst panel discussion, in which representatives from leading imaging analyst firms – Future Image, Gfk, IDC, InfoTrends, Lyra, NPD, Photo Imaging News, and PMA – will debate key issues facing the imaging business, including the impact of the current economic recession and how it will transform the imaging industry. The session is moderated by InfoTrends founder and Consumer Electronics reporter Kristy Holch. Also, for the first time, the top imaging analysts will provide discussions with conference attendees in the 6Sight New Tech Fair during the conference.

Ron Glaz, program director of IDC, notes how “rich digital media” such as photo and video have enhanced communications with more visual features. “The 6Sight conference is a great forum to explore the growing use of rich media, and I look forward to participating on the analyst panels at 6sight and sharing my insight.”

Other analysts participating in the session will be Ed Lee, worldwide director, Consumer Imaging Group, InfoTrends; Steve Hoffenberg, director of Consumer Imaging Research, Lyra Research; Liz Cutting, director and senior imaging analyst, The NPD Group; Don Franz, group publisher of Photo Imaging News; and Gary Pageau, publisher, Content Development and Strategic Initiatives, PMA.

Rick Smolan, creator of the best-selling “Day in the Life” and “America 24/7” books, will then present a report on the “Obama Time Capsule” experiment – a print-ondemand, mass market coffee table book that can be customized, along with never-before released data on customer personalization behavior. This will be followed by a panel discussion on the evolution of software for photo book design, after which imaging technologist and owner of 18 U.S. patents Scott Brownstein will speak on “Bridging the Gap to the New Output Opportunity.” The 6Sight conference content is continually updated; for an update on the program and speakers, visit Information about the International Imaging Industry Association (I3A) annual conference, which will be colocated with 6Sight, can be found at