100 Words 1st Grade — Book 1
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Dear Educator

Teachers know and experts agree that the only way for children to master sight words—those high frequency, often nondecodable words essential to reading fluency—is through practice.

With 100 Words Kids Need to Read, we are pleased to offer a tool to help you provide that practice in an engaging, effective format.

We created the three books in this series—for first, second, and third graders—with the guidance of literacy experts and classroom teachers. Broken down into manageable groups, words are introduced in context and reinforced through inviting puzzles and games. Each sequence of activities is carefully designed to touch on reading, writing, and usage—taking children beyond mere visual recognition of sight words to genuine mastery.

The journey through these skill-building pages will help young readers make the successful transition from learning to read to reading to learn. Along the way, they will also receive excellent preparation for standardized tests. Enjoy the trip!