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MSU Alumni Magazine Winter 2013 : Page 42

Richard Hunt – Sculptural Improvisation II Courtyard south of Chemistry • Artist Richard Hunt says, “It is my intention to develop the kinds of forms nature might create if only heat and steel were available to her.” • Although abstract, the sculpture makes general reference to nature, growth, yearning, and reaching for light and life. • Th e artist is known for his interest in the morphology and blending of natural and industrial forms. • Richard Hunt is the recipient of numerous awards and honorary degrees including the International Sculpture Center’s 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award. Russel Thayer -Wind Rapids III Biomedical and Physical Sciences • “Th is sculpture is designed to be a bright arrow pointing to the recessed entry of the building complex that is otherwise invisible to the people or vehicles coming down the street. It is not a sculpture on a pedestal separated from the people only to be looked at, but a piece to be involved with by walking through,” says artist Russel Th ayer. • Its welcoming gazebo-like structure encourages interaction between the people and the artwork; a place of congregation for the building’s visitors. • Visually, it provides a feathery lyricism on a street of right angles. • Russel Th ayer is one of Michigan’s most respected artists and art educators. 42 | Winter 2013 |

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