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California Real Estate 2013 Member Benefit List : Page 1

C.A.R. Member Benefi ts List 2013 156 benefi ts to help you customize your C.A.R. membership Yo ur Mem ber shi p, Your Way Brought to you by the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS ® Supplement to California Real Estate Magazine

2013 C. A.R. Member Benefits List

FREE 1 zipForm® 6

zipForm® 6 is a free electronic version of C.A.R. Standard Forms.

You can organize transactions, send contracts to clients via email and fax, and store client information in this transaction program. Add-on libraries like ePUBS®, Foreclosure Prevention, and Home Warranty books can be used.

FREE 2 Legal Hotline

The Legal Hotline provides free one-on-one legal advice with C. A.R. attorneys regarding real estate matters, including expedited service for brokers.

Call (213) 739-8282, Mon. through Fri., from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and for transactional questions only on Sat., from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

FREE3 Housing Market Forecast

This semi-annual report projects where mortgage rates, home sales, and median prices are headed.

Use this general statewide forecast to learn about potential issues that may affect housing prices and inventory levels. Use the data in this report to prepare more accurate budgets and to inform clients about future housing market conditions

FREE 4 C.A.R. Legislative Advocacy

C. A.R. lobbies at the state and federal government levels to preserve your ability to do business and to protect private property rights.

C. A.R. Government Affairs staff members are constantly working in the background to ensure that REALTOR® rights are protected, but you can take action, too. Learn how to become a C.A.R. Legislative Liaison at

FREE 5 12 Free Hours Online Continuing Education Courses

C. A.R. Education offers 12 free hours of online continuing education only to C.A.R. Members

Use your 12 free hours of online credit towards your DRE license renewal or to enhance your professional education.See a complete list of courses offered as part of this service at

FREE 6 C.A.R. Ombudsman Hotline

The C.A.R. Ombudsman Hotline is a free service to assist California REALTORS® by helping them resolve disputes that they may have with members of the consuming public, as well as with other REALTORS®

To have a neutral, volunteer Ombudsman assigned to help you, just call the C.A.R. Ombudsman Hotline at (213) 739-7227.

FREE 7 zipForm® MLS-Connect

Users can import data that is stored electronically in an MLS database, but which has not been keyed into zipForm® (ex: property information, REALTOR®’s office information).

Download property information directly from the MLS into your zipForm® 6 transaction documents. Discover how at org/tools/zipForm6/brokerservices/zfmlsconnect/

FREE 8 zipLogix Digital Ink

ZipLogix Digital Ink® is a free digital signature solution for signing both C.A.R. forms and non-zipForm® 6 forms.

You can use free digital signatures to get to the closing table faster. Sign up for a free Webinar at Form6/esign/ to learn how to best use this convenient, easy, and secure e-signature solution

FREE 9 Consumer Advertising Campaign

The ad campaign highlights the value REALTORS® bring to a real estate transaction, while raising the public awareness of the REALTOR® brand.

You can watch the TV spot, see the online banners, and read about specific market placement by visiting aboutus/adcampaign/.

FREE 10 California Real Estate Magazine

California Real Estate magazine delivers timely information about trends and issues affecting California’s residential real estate industry. Articles about professional development also are featured

You can read California Real Estate magazine to stay informed on the latest market news. Articles also can be emailed to clients


11 AIR Forms Library

The AIR Forms Library is comprised of 57 commercial forms from AIR needed to cover a commercial transaction

This add on zipform ® 6 library makes it convenient and easy for you to access commercial real estate forms from any computer at anytime without worrying about purchasing tokens and is available for $149 annually. More information is available at

FREE 12 C.A.R. DRE Forms Library

The C.A.R. DRE Forms Library contains the most commonly used licensing, mortgage lending, and trust fund forms, conveniently grouped into categories, enabling REALTORS® to find the DRE form necessary without searching through the hundreds of forms on the DRE website

The C.A.R. DRE Forms library is a great new benefit for C.A.R. members, especially brokers who manage offices. In the course of running a real estate brokerage or a mortgage lending business, certain DRE forms must be completed and either submitted to the DRE, provided to clients, or kept by the brokerage or lender in order to comply with mandatory record keeping requirements. drelibrary/

FREE 13 C.A.R. Forms Help Line

C. A.R. Forms Help Line assists REALTORS® with the basic usage and/or clause defi nitions of the forms. This service is available for free to all C.A.R. members within the zipForm® 6 Professional (online) version


FREE 14 C.A.R. Sample Letter Library

Access sample letter templates that express a buyer’s, seller’s or broker’s position during a real estate transaction. The pre-printed language allows REALTORS® to assist themselves or clients without drafting legal language on their own.

Pre-printed language helps focus on legally relevant considerations and allows you to assist yourself or clients without drafting language on your own. These letters allow potential issues to be addressed without escalating to an attorney. tools/zipForm6/formlibraries/

15 Distressed Properties Library

This forms library for zipForm® 6 contains short sale and distressed property forms in one convenient location

Forms include short sale templates, checklists, and pre-screening worksheets, and the U.S. Treasury Department’s HAMP documents and forms. It costs $49.95 annually and is available for purchase from

16 Employee Relocation Council (ERC) Forms Library

This library for zipForm® 6 is a set of forms specifically for relocation and comes from the Employee Relocation Council.

This add-on forms library includes the ERC Disclosure Statement, ERC Property Status Form, and more and is available for an additional fee of $69.95 annually.

FREE 17 ePUBS® for zipForm® 6

These digital forms get disclosure information to clients faster, save money, and help the environment.

Visit for online tutorials, frequently asked questions, and more.

18 Fannie Mae Forms Library

Six Fannie Mae forms documents comprise this add-on library and include the Real Estate Purchase Addendum and Owner Occupancy Certification.

The library is available to members for $49.95 annually. More information may be found at fanniemae

FREE 19 Foreclosure Prevention Guide

Available as a free, downloadable library for zipForm® 6, each title contains helpful information for homeowners who are facing the possibility of foreclosure.

These guides can be customized with your content information and given to clients to provide more information about foreclosures.To access it, visit

FREE 20 Forms Advisor®

This free online software program identifies which C.A.R. Standard Forms should be used for specific transactions.

You can enter information such as type of transaction and whether you represent the buyer or seller to find out which forms to use. Webinars are available to train you on the software.Visit for more information

FREE 21 Forms Tutor

This free online service explains the C.A.R. Standard Forms clause-by-clause, with audio and text instructions.

You can access forms by category, alphabetically, or by code and receive step-by-step instruction on how to use each form. Webinars are offered for training at

22 Open House Library

An electronic set of forms in zipForm® 6 that helps you plan and organize a successful open house.

This add-on forms library will help make an impact on your home shoppers by turning them from a visitor to a buyer. It's available for an additional fee of $49.95 annually

23 relay® Transaction Management (relay® TMS)

This affordable, flexible, and easy-to-use software streamlines workflow, tracking, and transaction management from listing through close

Move transaction data and completed forms from zipForm® 6 Professional (online version) to relay® TMS with one-click integration, allowing instant access to all transaction documents.

FREE 24 zipConsult

ZipConsult™ is a unique web conferencing tool which allows you to share your computer screen as well as video conference with your clients.

This real-time collaboration inside of zipForm® 6 Professional can be used to review documents, share property videos and negotiate face-to-face.

FREE 25 zipForm® Today California Edition

zipForm® Today CA Edition is a monthly newsletter that provides informative how-to's and tips relating to zipForms® software and forms updates

This newsletter keeps you up-to-date on changes or upgrades that may affect your zipForm® 6 account, as well as tips on how to best customize the experience

26 zipForm® Mobile Web Edition

The zipForm® Mobile Web Edition is a mobile offering that allows you to connect to information contained in your zipForm® 6 Professional account and manage online transactions from the palm of your hands.

ZipForm® Mobile Web Edition is available for $9.95/year. To purchase, you can login to your zipForm® 6 Professional account and click on the "SHOP" button.

FREE 27 zipVault® Online Document Storage

ZipVault® offers free online document storage for five years.ZipVault® allows users to securely store files created both inside and outside of zipForm® 6 and eliminates the need to buy additional archive storage, thus freeing up valuable office space.

You can store, email, or e-fax zipForm® 6 documents and other non-zipForm® 6 documents related to the transaction within your zipForm® 6 Professional account. All e-signed documents from zipLogix Digital Ink® are automatically saved into zipVault®.Find out what else it does by attending a free webinar. Visit


FREE 28 Annual “New Laws” Updates

This chart summarizes new laws affecting the real estate industry each year, and also provides helpful links to the text of each statute, regulation, or proposition

You can keep this chart at your desk as a quick reference guide for laws affecting your practice

29 C.A.R. Business Products

C. A.R.'s Online Store offers business products designed to meet real estate-driven business needs.

Visit to browse, pick, and purchase the products

FREE 30 C.A.R. Field Representatives

C. A.R. Field Representatives work in conjunction with Member Mobilization efforts to coordinate grassroots and political activities.

Field Representatives are available to visit local associations and help promote involvement, as well as assist in developing a local strategy to increase member participation in government issues.

31 C.A.R. Standard Forms

C. A.R. Standard Forms provide a library of more than 150 standard forms, available via electronic and paper format.

These standard forms for real estate transactions provide legal security for you and ensure fairness for all parties. You can order forms through your local association of REALTORS®, online at, or by contacting REBS Customer Service at (213) 739-8227.

FREE 32 California Real Estate Legal Column

California Real Estate magazine's legal column discusses the latest cases and statutes affecting the real estate industry.

This column is an excellent resource to help you stay current on legal issues affecting the real estate industry.

FREE 33 Capitol Hill Visits

Once a year, REALTORS® go to Washington D.C. to lobby their members of Congress.

D. C. Hill visits offer an opportunity for you to gather with REALTORS ® from across the country and be heard in our nation's capital.

FREE 34 RSS Feed

The RSS feed from offers news headlines, market information, and more.

Sign up for the RSS feed to stay abreast of C.A.R. news and updates published to

35 Clarus DataMine®

Clarus DataMine® is a subscription-based service that provides subscribers access to C.A.R. Research Reports and County Economic Profiles.

Selected reports are offered free to you, along with free educational Webinars to educate you on the product. For more information, visit

FREE 36 Clarus Investor®

Clarus Investor® is a property analysis tool that can provide a quick picture of a property's value and profi t potential.

You can use Clarus Investor® to show buyers interested in investment real estate how it can add to an investment portfolio.

37 Clarus MarketMetrics®

Clarus MarketMetrics® generates market and price-point analysis charts and reports derived from MLS data for agents.

These reports can be invaluable as a prospecting tool, as an aid to setting seller expectations, or as a companion set of data to justify a buyer’s offer.

38 Clarus Resource® Tools

These market-oriented tools help agents and brokers analyze the market and pass on helpful information to clients.

Visit to read more about how the suite of Clarus products can help you.

39 Clarus TouchCMA™

Innovative technology for presenting and/or delivering an interactive, customized CMA experience to a client via an iPad, a laptop, or traditional paper copy.

Use for every CMA as a way to stand out from the competition, Also sway buyers and sellers to arrive at realistic market expectations.

FREE 40 Commercial Real Estate Website (

This website provides the latest educational offerings and other useful tools for commercial real estate in California.

Visit to stay on top of the commercial niche market and to learn more about education offerings, events, and more.

FREE 41 Customer Contact Center (213) 739-8227

C. A.R.'s Customer Contact Center responds to queries about membership issues, account information, login problems, zipForms®, product orders, and more.

Call (213) 739-8227 for help with any C.A.R.-related questions or issues, Mon. through Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

FREE 42 Federal Legislative Support

C. A.R. lobbyists stay involved at the federal level to represent public policy needs, as well as keep you informed on important federal laws.

Stay informed on the federal legislative activities in which C.A.R. is involved by visiting

FREE 43 Government Affairs Videos

Government Affairs Video archive provides a video library of C. A.R.'s activities on the legislative front.

Visit C.A.R.'s Media Vault on for a repository of C.A.R. Red Alerts, tips, and updates from the Government Affairs team in Sacramento. You even may embed a video to your own website.

44 Housing Affordability Fund

C. A.R.'s Housing Affordability Fund addresses the ongoing housing affordability crisis facing California. The fund raises and distributes funds and partners with other groups to promote homeownership and address housing opportunities locally and statewide.

H. A.F. supports a wide variety of programs based on the stated need and participation of the local REALTOR® association.Awards are based upon merits of the proposed projects. For more information, you can visit

FREE 45 Lease/Rental Disclosure Chart

This chart lists the disclosures required when renting or leasing a residential property.

Residential REALTORS® can use this handy chart to comply with required disclosures for rental transactions.

46 Legal Action Fund Program

Funded by dues dollars, the Legal Action Fund promotes preventative law programs and assists in cases of importance to the real estate industry.

You and your attorneys may request C.A.R. monetary or amicus support for a case on appeal.

FREE 47 Legal Live Webinars

Legal Live Webinars present timely legal education online and are conducted by C.A.R. attorneys.

You can participate in a live, interactive Webinar on recent legal developments, get answers to legal questions, and find out what legal challenges other REALTORS® may be facing. Legal Webinars usually take place on the fi rst Monday of every month (except holidays), and as needed.

FREE 48 Legal Outreach Program

C. A.R. attorneys visit offices, local boards, or local associations to present live legal updates.

Seize the opportunity for face-time with a C.A.R. attorney to ask legal questions, learn about timely legal issues, and get legal news that may impact your real estate practice.

FREE 49 Legal Q&As

C.A.R.'s Legal Library offers access to more than 200 legal articles, charts, and timelines.

Visit to go directly to C.A.R.'s Legal Q&A Web page.You can download a legal article for yourself, your offi ce, and even for your clients.

FREE 50 Legal Update Videos

Legal Update Videos offer the latest news on pressing legal issues, education, and updates.

You can visit the Legal section on to view videos and past Webinars on many legal topics.

FREE 51 Legal Website (

The Legal Section of provides news items, scam watches, legal articles, major real estate case law, and other important legal resources.

Log on to this password-only section of to access information and tools to stay on top of the latest legal issues.

FREE 52 Legislative Day

This event gives agents across California an opportunity to meet with state legislators to discuss issues that matter most.

Held annually in late spring, Legislative Day gives you the opportunity to voice your opinions to your representatives about issues that impact the industry.

FREE 53 Legislative Liaison Program

This program involves you directly in the legislative process by keeping you updated on the latest legislative and political issues affecting REALTORS®.

You can get involved in the legislative process on the grassroots level by becoming a legislative liaison. To learn more or sign up, visit

FREE 54 Legislative Outreach Programs

Government Affairs staffers visit boards, local associations, or offices to present live legislative updates.

These Outreaches provide information on new legislation that could impact your transactions.

FREE 55 Legislative Speeches & Presentations

Past speeches and presentations on current legislative matters are available on

Visit the Government Affairs section of to review past speeches and presentations, or share them with colleagues at

56 Local Legislative Support

C. A.R. provides information, resources, and advice to agents, associations, and staff on public policy issues at the local government level.

For more information on updates, issues, briefi ng papers, and handbooks on local government policy issues and advocacy strategies, visit

FREE 57 Member Education Program

This direct mail campaign is designed to better educate you about what's going on in the legislative arena.

As a member, you receive direct mail pieces that keep you informed about ongoing Government Affairs activities.

FREE 58 Member Mobilization

This program recruits, trains, and mobilizes you to take part in the legislative process at the grassroots level.

Get involved with lobbying, political activities, and the legislative agenda supported by C.A.R. with the Member Mobilization program.

FREE 59 Message from the President

This monthly email communication from the C.A.R. President touches on timely topics and issues of interest.

Get a snapshot of issues affecting California REALTORS® on a monthly basis in this e-letter from C.A.R.'s President.

FREE 60 New Home Disclosure Chart

This chart groups disclosures by type of new residential construction.

Use this New Home Disclosure Chart as a checklist for the disclosure requirements for new homes and developments.

FREE 61 Realegal®

This electronic newsletter provides a quick announcement of breaking legal information and legal prevention tips as they occur.

Realegal® helps you keep track of new laws and legal developments that may affect your business. To receive Realegals®, you need to make sure your current email address is on fi le with your local board or association.

62 REALTOR'S® Energy Audit Program (R.E.A.P.)

The California REALTOR’S® Energy Audit (R.E.A.P.) Program provides a $250 rebate on a single certifi ed energy audit conducted by a Home Energy Rating Specialist. The report identifi es improvements that will reduce monthly utility bills and counter rising energy costs.

This audit helps your clients find ways of improving the energy efficiency of their home. Visit for the application and program details.

FREE 63 Red Alerts and Calls-for-Action

Red Alerts and Calls-for-Action encourage you to call your representative or take action on important legislative issues.

You are encouraged to participate in all Red Alerts and Calls-for- Action to ensure your voice is heard and to protect your rights.

FREE 64 Red Flags for Foreclosure Scams Documents

Available in English and Spanish, this customizable document can be used to inform clients on potential foreclosure-related risks and available resources.

You can help your clients stay safe by educating them on signs of foreclosure scams and how to avoid them.

FREE 65 REO Disclosure Chart

This chart lists the disclosures required for the sale of a property that has been foreclosed by a lender.

This chart can be used to identify which disclosures are needed in an REO property transaction.

FREE 66 Risk Management Program

This education component of the Strategic Defense Program helps you to prevent lawsuits and claims and to learn about errors and omissions insurance, by providing practical information and tools on risk management in your business.

Attorneys with extensive experience in defending and counseling real estate professionals give seminars and publish informational articles to help you avoid the mistakes that lead to litigation and provide you with skills to resolve issues before they develop into lawsuits or claims.

FREE 67 Sales Disclosure Chart

This chart groups disclosures by category, including residential 1-to-4, REO, probate, residential 5 or more, commercial/industrial/ vacant land, and mobilehomes.

Use this chart to help match up the necessary disclosures with specific transaction types.

68 Scam Watch

Scam Watch is a special feature on highlighting current news about short sale and foreclosure scams.

Scam Watch is a special feature on which lists the recent short sale and foreclosure scams.

FREE 69 Standard Forms Member Feedback

The member-composed Standard Forms Advisory Committee reviews all forms comments three times a year.

You can provide feedback on C.A.R. Standard Forms by submitting a comment to

FREE 70 State Legislative Support

C. A.R.'s Governmental Affairs Team works to advance REALTOR® public policy objectives in the California State Legislature in Sacramento. This includes sponsoring, supporting, and opposing state legislation.

Stay informed on the state activity by visiting the Government Affairs section of

FREE 71 Strategic Defense Program

This program provides access to a powerful assembly of experienced and seasoned attorneys focused on improving the current litigation climate in California and making transactions run more smoothly.

The Strategic Defense Panel attorneys defend claims or lawsuits against REALTORS® at a discounted rate, and are the defense counsel for C.A.R.’s exclusive E & O program underwritten by an A.M. Best “A” rated carrier. You can keep current and remain informed on important risk management practices via articles, seminars and videos provided to you by the Strategic Defense Program.

FREE 72 Su Casa Website ( is a Spanish-language property search tool for consumers.

Spanish-speaking clients can search for MLS listings in Spanish.Only California listings are available through the website.

FREE 73 Summary Disclosure Chart

This chart goes into detail as to what triggers the required disclosures and the exemptions from disclosure.

This chart can be used as a guide to help you understand the disclosure requirements for your real estate transactions.

FREE 74 Virtual Advocate

The Virtual Advocate is a bi-weekly newsletter of public policy,Political and legislative issues. It covers legislative happenings concerning C.A.R. at all three levels of government.

Use and share the Virtual Advocate content with the agents in Your offi ce and clients, through your website, newsletters and social media.


The website is the ultimate resource for industry information, including current news, C.A.R. education and event offerings, and the latest legislative and economic news.

You can find information on nearly every facet of C.A.R. at car.Org. Use to conduct research on housing stats, trends, or current news, to look up disclosure charts, to sign in to your zipForm 6 account, and more.


FREE 76 Annual Historical Data Summary

This free summary tracks trends in California's housing market from 1968 to the present and is published once a year.

Compare and contrast local market statistics against the historical data summary to help clients fully understand the current market conditions. The data also can be used to analyze the market in the long-term perspective

FREE 77 C.A.R. Market Data and Research

The C.A.R. Research and Economics team conducts extensive research, surveys, creates reports and analysis, and hosts ample outreaches, webinars, and luncheons to share market data and trends in the California housing market.

Use the research and data developed by C.A.R.'s Research and Economics team to add impact and substance to your marketing materials and sales pitches, and to deepen your understanding about your local area.

FREE 78 C.A.R. News Releases

C.A.R. news releases highlight news that affects the industry.They are regularly published in the Newsstand section at

Strengthen your website content, marketing materials, or client presentations by referencing or linking to these news releases.This timely information also can be incorporated in meaningful, knowledgeable conversations with clients.

FREE 79 C.A.R. Newsline

The weekly e-newsletter covers vital industry information, including economic reports, legislative developments, and new real estate products and services.

You can deepen your understanding of the market by perusing the articles in this newsletter. Newsline stories also can be used in offi ce presentations to help colleagues stay informed on recent industry happenings.

FREE 80 C.A.R. Research Highlights

This semi-annual publication provides a high level review of C. A.R. research reports like the Survey of California Home Buyers and the State of the CA Housing Market.

This quick overview of C.A.R. research highlights informs you about consumer behavior, housing market conditions, industry trends, and more.

FREE 81 California & Local Sales and Price Reports

These monthly reports track key market indicators like the Unsold Inventory Index, statewide median sales price for singlefamily homes, and existing single-family home sales. They're published as press releases and are a resource for media outlets seeking California housing stats.

Keep clients informed on fluctuations in the market with regard to single-family home sales and statewide median prices with data from these monthly reports.

82 County Economic Profiles

Available through Clarus Resource, this subscription-based product is the only comprehensive single source of trends for California county economies and your housing markets.

You can use these County Economic Profiles to establish your local expertise with current and potential clients. The profiles provide graphical depictions of the economic and housing trends at the county level for many major counties in California, which you can share with clients.

FREE 83 CRE Online Searchable Archive Library

The online library features past issues of California Real Estate magazine, and articles may be searched by subject.

An excellent research resource, this online archive can be used to email links or PDFs of articles to interested colleagues, clients, or friends.

FREE 84 Daily News Stories on

Top real estate news and articles on the housing market are published on the homepage, Mon. through Fri.

These articles help you stay informed about the state of the market.

FREE 85 Economic Outreaches

C.A.R. economists visit member boards or offices to present live economic updates.

You can attend outreaches to meet C.A.R. economists and gain a better understanding of the market and industry statistics.Presented perspectives can be used to help turn data into meaningful analyses to share directly with clients.

FREE 86 Housing Affordability Index

Released as a quarterly news publication, the Housing Affordability Index tracks first-time and traditional housing affordability indexes.

This Housing Affordability Index can be used to measure how affordable the current housing market is to buyers in the state.

FREE 87 Market @ a Glance

This helpful chart closely monitors and analyzes trends in the residential real estate industry, including existing home sales series, median home prices, unsold inventory index, median time on market, first-time buyer housing affordability index, and the latest mortgage rates.

Market @ a Glance gives a quick update on the health of the state housing market. It comes in a printable format that can be downloaded or printed and shared with clients.

FREE 88 Market Matters

Market Matters is a weekly newsletter designed to help you make sense of media stories, data, market studies, and industry news reports.

The “Beyond the Headlines” version of this newsletter is specifically formatted for clients; giving you the ability to print, email, or post it to your website.

FREE 89 Market Snapshot Market

Snapshot is a monthly customizable, one-page analysis sheet designed to offer up-to-date real estate market conditions.This report is available via download from

You can co-brand this one-pager with your contact information and share with clients to keep them posted on the latest real estate news.

FREE 90 Member Profile Survey

This is Member Profile Survey details your efforts to meet the needs of clients amid the changing market and increased competition.

You can use these insightful survey results to learn from other industry professionals about how to cope with the changing economic and housing environment.

FREE 91 Member Use of Technology Survey

This annual report, which comes out each fall at California REALTOR ® EXPO, tracks current trends in technology.

You can review these survey results, which are available on car.Org, to learn valuable insights on the technological aspects of the real estate business.

FREE 92 Online Version of California Real Estate Magazine

This online version of California Real Estate magazine offers a digital version of the same great content.

The easily accessible online version of CRE magazine lets you share articles of interest with clients, friends, or colleagues.

FREE 93 Real Estate 411

Released bi-monthly, RE411 is a series of articles designed to offer concise insight on market and industry-related issues.

Use this short, analytical piece in marketing literature or to just stay informed on the latest market developments.

FREE 94 Rent Versus Buy Analysis

This report analyzes the difference between renting and buying a home, related to recent market and policy developments.

Help clients make an informed home-buying decision by sharing the pros and cons of both buying and renting.

FREE 95 State of the California Housing Market Research Highlights

This report provides a comprehensive look at recent developments in the California real estate market and an outlook for the following year. In particular, the report examines the impact of the federal fi rst-time buyer tax credit on home buyers, analyzes the sales trends of distressed and non-distressed properties, and takes a closer look at the surge in the share of FHA-insured loans.

This survey study provides valuable insight on industry trends from the perspective of a real estate professional. You can use the information provided to stay in-the-know on the latest real estate news.

FREE 96 Survey of California Home Buyers

This annual Home Buyers Survey details how home buyers have changed their behaviors in recent years to adapt to the new housing market environment, including the increased use of the Internet in the real estate business.

This survey provides valuable insight on characteristics and behaviors of home buyers in today's market. You can use this data to help determine how to best serve your home-buying client base.

FREE 97 Survey of California Home Sellers

This detailed survey covers sellers' reasons for selling, their experience with various aspects of the transaction, their relationship with their agents, and much more.

You can study the common patterns of home sellers found in this analytical study and learn more about the patterns of sellers in order to best meet the needs of current clients.

FREE 98 Survey Study Webinar and Video

Webinars and videos that share the latest survey results from our in-house studies on topics related to buyers, sellers, brokers, agents, and the lending environement.

You can utilize the analyses from the survey studies presented in this video to stay dialed into what's happening in today's marketplace and to keep your clients informed about the current market conditions.

FREE 99 Your Membership, Your Way Newsletter

Your Membership, Your Way is a monthly newsletter featuring the must-have news, resources, and information from C.A.R. that will help you navigate today's housing market.

The e-newsletter provides you with four helpful tips for saving time, money, sanity, and your transactions.


100 Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR®) Designation

An ABR ® designation is designed for real estate buyer agents who want to focus on working directly with buyer-clients.

This two-day NAR designation course is offered live or online.Course material ranges from Offers and Negotiations to Fiduciary Responsibilities to Needs Assessments and Dual Agency Confl icts. For more information, visit designations/abr/.

FREE 101 Business Meetings

Three times a year, the Board of Directors and its committees gather to research and formulate policy on all areas affecting the business, professional practices, and public policy involvement of California REALTORS®.

You may participate in the policy-making process for C.A.R. by attending our Winter, Spring and Fall Business Meetings each year. Any member of the association may serve on an open C. A.R. Committee. For more information, contact Lynette Flores at

FREE 102 C.A.R. Book Reviews

These reviews provide insider tips for new brokerage licensees.

These reviews can be used to help recently licensed brokers acclimate to the market and stay educated.

103 C.A.R. Education

C.A.R. Education hosts popular educational and professional development courses for REALTORS® of any level of expertise.

Get relicensed or advance your education through the courses offered by C.A.R. Education. For more information, visit

104 C.A.R. Education Foundation

The foundation was established in 2005 to provide real estate related awards and to engage in other real estate and education related charitable activities.

The C.A.R. Education Foundation grants awards to REALTORS® who have recently earned a designation and individuals taking real estate related courses. For more information, contact Lynette Flores at

105 C.A.R. Live Lecture

Attend specific C.A.R. Education courses in-person and participate with a class on-site.

To find an upcoming course near you, visit calendar/.

106 C.A.R. Midyear Luncheon

This annual event runs concurrent with the C.A.R. Summer Business Meetings and offers attendees an opportunity to lunch and learn.

Attend the C.A.R. Midyear Luncheon to stay on top of industry trends, see where today's housing market is headed, and network with peers.

107 C.A.R. Professional Development

C. A.R. offers a large selection of professional development courses via live lecture, in classrooms or via LearnMyWay® and Face2Face™ (interactive video broadcast systems), and online formats.

Courses can assist you in positioning yourself as an industry authority in your area and becoming an expert in niche markets.You can also add to your CE credits by enrolling in C.A.R. Education courses.

FREE 108 C.A.R. Quarterly Update

This quarterly newsletter includes the latest real estate news, upcoming C.A.R. events, new C.A.R. programs, member benefi ts, education opportunities, and more.

This quarterly publication highlights an array of services available to you, from education offerings to new member benefi ts.

FREE 109 C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation

Established in 1948, the C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation assists individuals going into the real estate industry to obtain a quality real estate education.

The C.A.R. Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships up to $2,000 - $4,000 during every C.A.R. Business Meeting to students enrolled at a California University or College pursuing a career in the real estate industry. For more information, contact Lynette Flores at

FREE 110 C.A.R. Videos

C.A.R.'s videos (available on cover topics that run the gamut from becoming a REO agent to tips for success from top agents to how to incorporate Twitter into your business.

Liven up your website by embedding (or providing links to) content from C.A.R.'s library of videos covering the latest industry insights.

FREE 111 C.A.R. Webinars

C.A.R. Webinars provide free online training courses that you can participate in from the convenience of home or an offi ce. They provide an easy resource to help you become familiar with C.A.R. services and ask questions and get answers on the spot.

For a list of current webinars or previously recorded sessions, visit


The state's largest real estate trade show, CALIFORNIA REALTOR ® EXPO, provides three days of hands-on training, continuing education seminars, networking opportunities, and more.

You can attend the free annual CALIFORNIA REALTOR® EXPO for career development, networking opportunities, and much more.It is held in the fall and is attended by more than 7,000 of your colleagues.113 Certified Transaction Coordinator (CTC) Certification

The Certified Transaction Coordinator Certification is available to licensees as well as unlicensed Transaction Coordinators who want to build and establish a successful business in transaction coordination. Completion of four classes, including two mandatory and two electives, are required to earn the CTC Certification.

These CAR designation course electives are offered live and on LearnMyWay®, Face2Face™ at participating local Associations, or online at edtransaction- coordinator/

FREE 114 EXPO Website (

This website provides up-to-the-minute information about the annual tradeshow.

Use as a resource for everything EXPO. Stay updated on session schedules, speaker bios, exhibit hall updates, sponsorships, and more.

FREE 115 FHA Live Webinar Series (Presented by HUD)

In coordination with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), C.A.R. offers a series of free Webinars to teach you about FHA.

Session topics include: FHA's single family residence 1-4 unit program, FHA's Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Program (reverse mortgage) for purchasing or refi nancing, FHA's Rehabilitation Loan Programs, Energy Effi cient Mortgage Program, Solar and Weatherization Programs, and more.

116 Government Housing Program Specialist (GHPS) Certification

Learn about Government Programs to help buyers with down payment assistance and sellers recoup expenses.

This CAR designation course is offered live or online. For more information, visit

117 Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI) Designation

The GRI designation is considered by many as the most comprehensive REALTOR® training program available today. It teaches real estate marketing skills that will set agents apart from the competition.

This NAR designation course is offered live and on Face2Face™ broadcast to participating local Associations. For more information, visit

118 HAFA Specialist Certification

This HAFA education and certification program teaches you about the complex HAFA transaction, including how to work with its 45 pages of forms and guidelines, details on the HAFA process, timelines, and documents.

This CAR designation course is offered live or online. For more information, visit

119 LearnMyWay® Remote Learning

LearnMyWay® course delivery allows you to participate in a live, interactive training online from your home, offi ce, or other remote location via any internet-connected computer.

For more information, visit

120 NAR Green Designation

This NAR-designation program requires three days of live lecture. The curriculum includes green building principles and practices, as well as regulatory issues. It also offers information on the fi nancial advantages of eco-friendly, energy-effi cient properties and how to market to the green consumer.

This NAR designation course is offered live, LearnMyWay® or online. For more information, visit greendesignation/

121 NAR Short Sale and Foreclosure (SFR) Certification

Earn NAR's Short Sale and Foreclosure certifi cation and be preferred by Chase and Wells Fargo for short sales referrals.

This NAR Certification requires one course, taught live or online, plus a series of recorded online webinars. For more information visit

FREE 122 New Member Contact Program

C. A.R. reaches out to you with a series of communications over the first year of your membership, including a welcome email, a mailing with REBS marketing pieces, an email with helpful links, and a postcard encouraging you to use C.A.R. services.

You can use this communication series to get acquainted with C. A.R. and its many services.

FREE 123 Pre-recorded Training Webinar

Videos Numerous training Webinars on C.A.R. products and services are offered free throughout the year.

If you missed a live training Webinar, you don't have to miss out on training all together! Pre-recorded training videos offer you an opportunity to get knowledge on a product or service on your schedule.

FREE 124 Product Videos

Reviews and general information about C.A.R. products can be seen via video.

C. A.R. products and services are reviewed in short video format.Interested in fi nding out how ClientDIRECT® works? Want to know more about C.A.R. Insurance products? Check out videos on a variety of products to get an inside look.

125 Property Management Certification

Complete four courses to learn how you can manage residential and commercial properties to increase your revenue.

These CAR designation course electives are offered live and on LearnMyWay®, Face2Face™ at participating local Associations, or online at

126 Residential REO Buyer Specialist

Residential REO Buyer Specialist Certifi cation provides real estate professionals information on how to effectively package real estate offers to help prospective clients purchase REO properties.

This C.A.R. designation course is offered live. For more information, visit

127 Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) Designation

Seniors Real Estate Specialists® (SRES) is a special designation program given to REALTORS® qualified to meet the special needs and concerns of maturing Americans. The course explains how to counsel older clients through major financial lifestyle transitions involved in relocating, refinancing, or selling the family home.

This NAR designation course is offered live and on LearnMy- Way®, Face2Face™ at participating local Associations, or online.For more information, visit SRES/.

FREE 128 Targeted C.A.R. E-blasts

You are delivered important C.A.R. information with these quick email communications.

C. A.R. sends out special e-blasts to keep you in the loop about important Association announcements, product offers, event information, and more. Be sure to update email address changes with your local Association to ensure e-blast deliveries.

FREE 129 Your Membership, Your Way Guide to Member Benefits

This annual booklet provides an overview of C.A.R. benefits, offerings, and services available to you.

New members, or those of you that want to brush up on C.A.R. news and events, can peruse this annual guide to make the most of C.A.R. member benefits.

130 zipForm® 6 Certification

zipForm® 6 Certification teaches you to become a certified zipForms® 6 trainer.

For more information on the course, along with class schedules, visit

FREE 131 zipForm® 6 Webinar Training

This hour-long, live training session teaches you the basics of zipForm® 6 Professional and zipForm® 6 Standard.


FREE 132 “Find a REALTOR®” Search Tool (

The "Find a REALTOR ®" Search Tool is a feature that provides consumers and colleagues with an easy way to locate a local REALTOR®.

You can use the Find a REALTOR® Search Tool at org. It's a resource to reach out to potential clients interested in REALTOR® representation, and a good referral tool.

FREE 133 California Living Network (

As the leading website for real estate listings in California, provides consumers all the listing details they need for free on California's largest real estate database.

Use as a resource to search listings by price, size, neighborhood, and other property features

FREE 134 ClientDIRECT®

ClientDIRECT® is a free monthly customizable newsletter, featuring your contact information, listings, photos and professionally written articles. It provides you with an opportunity to easily keep in touch with clients and demonstrate your market expertise.

After a one-time setup, this free customized newsletter goes out month to your entire client database, offering you a resourceful opportunity to retain a presence with your contacts.

135 Consumer Mediation Center

A reliable mediation source to refer to your clients, the C.A.R. Consumer Mediation Center provides home buyers and sellers with a highly qualified pool of specially trained mediators to assist them in resolving their real estate disputes.

Refer your clients to for further details.

FREE 136 Consumer website (www.championsofhome. com)

This website provides consumers with a place to stay up-to-date on the California real estate market, find a REALTOR®, and even search properties.

You can point clients to C.A.R.'s consumer website -- -- where they can find current information on today's housing market.

FREE 137 Member Profile Page

You can promote yourself to peers and consumers by enhancing your free member profile page for's "Find a REALTOR®" Search Tool.

Add depth and value to your member profile page with images and up-to-date contact information on your free profile page.The information also is used for's "Find a REALTOR®" database.

FREE 138 One Cool Thing Infographic Emails

This bi-weekly email includes a chart, infographic, or other bit of data about the housing market.

The One Cool Thing infographic was specifically created for you to post to your social media channels and to send to your clients.

FREE 139 One Cool Thing Videos

One Cool Thing videos are a great addition to your marketing arsenal.

Use them to add a little something to your listing presentation and website, or share them through social media. Easily email, share or embed the video to your website or blog.

FREE 140 REALTOR® Excellence Program

The REALTOR® Excellence Program provides a tool for California REALTORS® to monitor customer experience feedback. The program offers participants more transparency in monitoring consumer experiences through rigorous customer satisfaction metrics.

Once a transaction has closed, REALTORS® may send a satisfaction survey via email to their clients. As part of the program, REALTORS® may put a widget on their personal website that shows their feedback scale. Additionally, consumers who visit the site may look for agents based on scores.

FREE 141 Spanish-language Consumer Website (www.lallavedetutranquilidad. com)

Spanish-speaking California home buyers can stay updated on industry and market news by visiting this Spanish-language consumer website.

You can refer Spanish-speaking clients to www.lallavedetutranquilidad. com for current housing news, listings, and REALTOR® information.

FREE 142 Video Players

Embed a video player on your website to stream C.A.R. video content.

C. A.R. pushes fresh content to the video player so that you can have updated videos constantly running on your website. More information is available at

The zipForm® 6 training webinar offers free training and a live forum where you may ask questions of the trainer, as well as follow along using your own zipForm® 6 account.


FREE 143 C.A.R. Disaster Relief Fund

This fund was set up specifically to help REALTORS® like you, your staff, and local Association staff members who have been affected by natural and other disasters.

Tax-deductible donations to the C.A.R. Disaster Relief Fund can be made at

FREE 144 C.A.R. Facebook Page

C. A.R.'s Facebook page provides company and industry updates, event information, special offers, and a chance to stay connected with peers in the social media space

To become a C.A.R. fan on Facebook, visit CAREALTORS

145 C.A.R. Insurance Products

RealCare Insurance Marketing, Inc. is the C.A.R. endorsed insurance broker for all life and health plans, in addition to errors and omissions, workers’ compensation, liability, home, auto and other insurance products.

For more information regarding all insurance products, call RealCare at (800) 939-8088 or visit

FREE 146

FREE 146 C. A.R. LinkedIn Professional Network

C. A.R.'s LinkedIn group discusses trends in the real estate industry.

Join C.A.R.'s LinkedIn Network to start or join discussions with colleagues and peers about the current state of the industry.Connect with C.A.R. by searching for CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® at

FREE 147 C. A.R. Pinterest Account

Follow C.A.R. on Pinterest to see the latest One Cool Thing infographics, cool home-related “pins,”j and more.

Visit to see C.A.R.'s Pinterest boards.

FREE 148 C. A.R. Twitter Account

C.A.R. provides social media articles, real-time event updates, quick market, product, and company updates on Twitter.

Follow C.A.R. on Twitter at Or visit C.A.R.'s tradeshow account at expo.

FREE 149 C.A.R. Video Library (

C. A.R. maintains a repository of training, informational, product, organizational news, and other videos.

Link to, share, or use C.A.R. videos on your website or to enhance your marketing materials.

FREE 150 C.A.R. YouTube Channel

C. A.R.'s YouTube Channel displays informational or training videos.

Watch or share C.A.R. videos on C.A.R.'s YouTube channel. Visit

151 Member Discount Program

You receive key savings from program partners, including discounted wireless service, office supplies, shipping, marketing tools, and more. The program also allows you to protect your career with errors and omission insurance and enjoy group health coverage through C.A.R.'s endorsed insurance partners.

These Member Advantage Program product offers save you an average of $100 a year. For more information, visit memberadvantage/.

FREE 152 One Cool Thing Daily Feature on

One Cool Thing is a section on the homepage that is updated every day with inspired ideas to add a little creativity to your business.

Check out One Cool Thing at for cool closing gift ideas, helpful mobile apps, or small gadgets that can save you time.

153 Personal Insurance

RealCare offers you Home (Primary, Condo, Rental, Secondary), Auto, Aircraft, Earthquake, Flood, Collectibles (Jewelry, Fine Arts, Wine, etc.), and Umbrella insurance options.

For more information regarding personal lines of insurance, call RealCare at (800) 939-8088 or visit

154 Pet Insurance RealCare, in association with VPI

Pet Insurance, provides health and accident insurance for cats, dogs, birds, and exotic pets.

The pet owner is free to visit any licensed veterinarian anywhere, even when away from home. Optional vaccination and routine care coverage is also available. With your C.A.R. membership, you receive a 5-percent discount on premiums. To learn more or obtain a free quote, call (800) 719-1163.


The REALTOR® Badge is a personalized widget that verifies your status and displays your REALTOR® information from NAR, including office and designation information

Display the REALTOR® Badge widget on your website to show visitors your education and your REALTOR® member status.

FREE 156 REALTOR® Rating Program

The REALTOR® Rating Program provides a tool for California REALTORS® to monitor customer experience feedback. The program offers participants more transparency in monitoring consumer experiences through rigorous customer satisfaction metrics.

Once a transaction has closed, REALTORS® may send a satisfaction survey to their clients. As part of the program, REALTORS® may put a widget on their personal website that shows their feedback scale. Additionally, consumers who visit the REALTOR® Rating site may look for agents based on scores.

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