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2014 Leadership Team C.A.R.’s incoming President, President-Elect, and Treasurer share their goals for the year ahead Meet the ➺ KEVIN BROWN > President CHRIS KUTZKEY > President-Elect GEOFF McINTOSH > Treasurer 20 CALIFORNIA REAL ESTAT E • M AY 2013

Meet The 2014 Leadership Team

KEVIN BROWN > President<br /> <br /> The true measure of C.A.R’s value is the effectiveness of our legislative advocacy, the use of C.A.R. products and services, and the success of our members’ businesses. My desire as the C.A.R. President is to add to our value so we can build a better future for our members.<br /> <br /> My vision has many components. I want to increase our strength by encouraging member participation, and ensure C.A.R. is a legislative powerhouse by having the resources we need to make a difference in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. I plan to keep C.A.R. on the cutting edge of technology for real estate professionals, and promote professionalism and the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.<br /> <br /> There are several issues we’ll need to tackle at the federal level in the coming year, including protecting the mortgage interest deduction, and preserving government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The government must play a role in the housing market to ensure liquidity and the availability of affordable financing.<br /> <br /> At the state level, we need to work on enhancing our already strong relationship with the Governor, and building good relationships with both DRE Commissioner Wayne Bell and Attorney General Kamala Harris.<br /> <br /> Another one of my core objectives is to ensure that all C.A.R. members are aware of, and use, the services we provide. Through innovation, technology, and our continued outreach, we will emerge stronger and more educated with better tools and technology to help us succeed <br /> <br /> With more than 30 years of experience as a real estate broker, I know that the way to best build our REALTOR® brand is to ensure the competency, professionalism, and ethics of all our members. One key way to do this is through education and by increasing our professional standards. The more educated and informed each agent, the stronger and more ethical our organization is as a whole.<br /> <br /> During my 19 years with C.A.R., I’ve gained the experience and knowledge to lead this great organization. I’m engaged with the issues as well as the members, listening to their concerns and constantly learning about our ever-changing industry. Over the next few months, please get to know me as a REALTOR®, colleague, and leader. More importantly, I want to learn about your experiences serving your clients, your needs, your challenges and, most importantly, your energy and ideas to help build our future.<br /> <br /> KEVIN BROWN President<br /> <br /> 2013 C.A.R. President-Elect<br /> <br /> 2011 NAR Board Liaison, Board of Directors<br /> <br /> 2008 C.A.R. Chair- Property Management Committee<br /> <br /> 2006 C.A.R. Vice Chair, Property Management Committee<br /> <br /> 2006 Bay East Chair-Local Government Relations Committee<br /> <br /> 2005 Bay East Vice-Chair, Local Government Relations Committee<br /> <br /> 2005 C.A.R. Chair-Legislative Committee<br /> <br /> 2005 Outstanding Committee Chair of the Year award<br /> <br /> 2004 Chair-Inclusionary Zoning Task Force<br /> <br /> 2002 C.A.R. Chair-Local Government Relations Committee<br /> <br /> 1996 REALTOR® of the Year-Oakland Association of REALTORS®<br /> <br /> 1995 President-Oakland Association of REALTORS®<br /> <br /> 1987-1988 Local Government Relations Chair-Oakland Association of REALTORS®<br /> <br /> CHRIS KUTZKEY > President-Elect<br /> <br /> With great pride and excitement, I look forward to serving the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® as President-Elect 2014.<br /> <br /> As the current Treasurer, the past couple of years have been quite a transition. From the darkest of days in the real estate industry, we fought through our housing market’s downward spiral into an emerging light of recovery. Now, once again, we’ve become the industry that leads our great country’s economic recovery.<br /> <br /> The path is challenging and our work on this recovery is far from over. Short sales and REOs are still with us, but there’s good news too: equity sales are strong and on the rise. Multiple offers throughout the state bring severe challenges to our members. We must give guidance, tools and support.<br /> <br /> Great uncertainty concerning issues of mortgage finance, tax reform, and the government-sponsored entities (GSEs) begs our association’s utmost attention. As president-elect, I will continue the work of the Leadership Team thus far, asking Congress to look carefully at reform and working hard to ensure no harm is done to the real estate industry, nor shock to its recovery.<br /> <br /> I feel far more seasoned and prepared to lead our association as I complete my second term as C.A.R. Treasurer. Mindful of our industry’s challenges, we must all work together as members, directors and leaders in an effort to restore what has been lost. The American Dream is the heart and soul of this country. As REALTORS®, we make that dream a reality for our clients each and every day.<br /> <br /> I have been proud to serve as your Treasurer. Along with the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee, which I chair, we have put forth more services and member benefits than ever before. We are investors and members in a sound and financially strong organization. My mission remains, as always, to be inclusive of all local associations and to stress stronger communication methods, and continued opportunities for all of C.A.R.’s members.<br /> <br /> As I continue the work already undertaken over the past couple of years, I fully embrace the challenges ahead on a local, state and national level. Recovery feels good, but nothing can be taken for granted. Together, we will be proactive, leveraging our influence and addressing legislation as appropriate. We must continue our robust efforts with the housing and financing agencies.<br /> <br /> Thank you for this opportunity. I look forward to continuing to serve all members and am proud to be a REALTOR®!<br /> <br /> CHRIS KUTZKEY President-Elect<br /> <br /> 2013 CAR President-Elect<br /> <br /> 2012 CAR Treasurer<br /> <br /> 2012 & 2013 Chair CAR Strategic Planning and Finance Committee<br /> <br /> 2012 Member NAR Strategic Planning Committee<br /> <br /> 2002 CAR Outstanding Committee Chair Award <br /> <br /> CAR Golden “R” since 2000<br /> <br /> 2000 Region 2 Chair<br /> <br /> 4 years NAR Director<br /> <br /> CAR Director since 1995<br /> <br /> 2 terms local association President<br /> <br /> 2 terms local association Treasurer<br /> <br /> Twice REALTOR® of the Year<br /> <br /> CRMLS Director<br /> <br /> 2 terms Cal REDD BOD<br /> <br /> GEOFF McINTOSH > Treasurer<br /> <br /> I came to California in 1985 and got my real estate sales license in 1987. Shortly after, I became involved with volunteering at The Greater Long Beach Association of REALTORS® in 1987 where I served on the Grievance Committee, which only whetted my appetite to become involved with all of the committees at the Association. I was eventually elected to the Board of Directors and then became Association President in 1996.<br /> <br /> In 1994, I became a C.A.R. director, and I can hardly believe that now, 19 years later, I’m stepping into the role of Treasurer.<br /> <br /> I was at a leadership retreat for my local association last September where I met a newly elected, first-time director by the name of Brad Pearson. At the retreat’s conclusion, we took turns discussing the highlights, and when it came to Brad, he said the most important role of the Association was to provide for the Productivity, Profitability and Professionalism of our members. It was so succinct, so direct, so stunning that everyone including me was taken aback. That is EXACLTY what we are about. We must deliver on the promise of supporting the Productivity, Profitability and Professionalism of our members!<br /> <br /> How do we deliver on that promise? Productivity can be achieved with business tools like zipForm®, Relay, Digital Ink and more.<br /> <br /> Profitability is a result of C.A.R.’s efforts to keep legislators apprised of issues concerning Private Property Rights. It’s also gained through education on business issues, important guidance from the Legal Hotline, and the market data provided by C.A.R.’s research department.<br /> <br /> Professionalism is also a by-product of education, and with 12 hours of free Continuing Education classes available every year, our members will have a leg up on license renewals. The grievance and professional standard process also helps to ensure professionalism as do the career development articles found in the pages of California Real Estate magazine.<br /> <br /> During the next few years, the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee will be reviewing many more ideas to accomplish increasing the Productivity, Profitability and Professionalism of our members. There will also be many opportunities for the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® to expand our partnership with our local associations to provide an even better member experience.<br /> <br /> Many times I have asked myself why I think I am ready to take on the challenges of being your Treasurer. The conclusion I come to each time is that I am prepared because of you. Your knowledge, your support, and your insight will keep me informed and on task. I truly appreciate your commitment to C.A.R. Thank you for being so supportive of me.<br /> <br /> GEOFF McINTOSH Treasurer<br /> <br /> 2013 C.A.R. Chair, Legislative Committee<br /> <br /> 2012 C.A.R. Vice-Chair, Legislative Committee<br /> <br /> 2006-2012 NAR Board of Directors<br /> <br /> 2012 NAR Chair, Large State Forum<br /> <br /> 2011 NAR Vice Chair, Large State Forum<br /> <br /> 2011 C.A.R. Committee Liaison<br /> <br /> 2010 NAR Chair, Large Board Sub-forum<br /> <br /> 2010 named C.A.R. Director-for-life<br /> <br /> 2010 C.A.R. Vice Chair, Regional Chairs Committee<br /> <br /> 2010 C.A.R. Regional Chair, Region 23<br /> <br /> 2009 NAR Vice Chair, Large Board Sub-Forum

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