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THE ULTIMATE EVENT FOR EVERYTHING PHOTO CONNECT. ENERGIZE. SUCCEED. Chris Lydl DIMA 2010 Sessions February 19-22, 2010 All events take place at the Anaheim Convention Center unless otherwise noted. | Register at | Session Key: page 5 | 15

DIMA 2010


Welcome to the new era of digital imaging. Never before has photography been such an integral part of everyday life, and yet creating a successful photography business has never been more challenging.<br /> <br /> The opportunities and the challenges facing us all are immense, and the biggest challenge is keeping up with ever-quickening innovation. New imaging devices are introduced every few months and cool, new products and production techniques almost as fast. The key to success is to keep an open mind to new ideas and to adopt those concepts early enough to profit from them.<br /> <br /> The DIMA Annual Conference for 2010 will provide the tools to open your eyes to new ways of thinking and new directions that could prove to be most profitable for your business. From cutting-edge technology, to industry innovators sharing their brilliance, to leading experts in branding, marketing, and social networking, DIMA has assembled the brightest minds to help propel your business into the future.<br /> <br /> We have gone to great lengths to assure the return on investment for the 2010 conference will exceed your expectations. Your business is too important to neglect by staying with the status quo. DIMA 2010 will connect you with the best and brightest, energize your creative mind, and help you succeed in transforming your business to shape the future of imaging!

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