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2017-04-21 05:13:59

ROCK OF AGES Our original icon. Delivered and buried eons ago by melting glaciers, the stone, as it was first known, was freed from its earthen tomb in the early 1870s by students who dug it up from what is now the intersection of Michigan and Grand River avenues. In the 1907 photo, left , are alumni from the Class of 1873, which donated the rock to MSU as its senior gift. The original 18,000-pound boulder was hauled by a team of oxen to its initial resting place, known as the “sacred spot” in a grove of trees— close to where Beaumont Tower is now. In the 1940s and 1950s, it became known as as “engagement rock” where couples became betrothed. In 1977, it spent one day outside the university public safety building. After a campus uproar, it was returned to its longheld location. Then in 1985, it found its new home along Farm Lane, where it’s stands as an inviting billboard. Moved to its current location in 1985, the rock is a billboard for messages painted countless times by students and others. “The Rock is still as popular as ever, more in the middle of campus and the rest is history.” ~ MSU’s Rocky Beckett, who as a student government leader oversaw the rock’s move in 1985

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