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| R e furbished E quipment | Company Web Site C&G Technologies Inc. www.cgtscan.com 812-280-0048 GE HiSpeed X/i series; GE LightSpeed series; Toshiba Asteion; Toshiba Aquilion series; GE VCT; GE PET/CT Discovery series GE; Toshiba DMS Topline Medical www.toplinemedical.com 877-986-7633 Eastern Diagnostic Imaging Inc. (EDI) www.easterndiagnostic.com 508-828-2970 C-Arms, RF Systems, AMX-4 Portable X-ray units, bone density Genoray America Inc. www.genorayamerica.com 714-289-8020 General Info. Phone Number Modalities MRI, CT, X-ray, vascular, PET/CT, ultrasound Low cost C-arm; ZEN-2090 Pro, Performance C-arm; ZEN-7000 Brand(s) Sold Average Turnaround Time Philips, Siemens, GE General Electric, OEC, Philips 30 days All systems go through a stringent qual-ity controlled process, which includes new safety cables, and high and low voltage cables. Systems go through a thorough tear down and reassembly, with every nut and bolt being replaced as the system is rebuilt Yes ZEN-2090 Pro, ZEN-7000, Volux CT 30 days Refurbished price but a brand new model with brand new II and tube Refurbished/Parts Modality-specific; same day for quali-ty-tested parts Complete staging of equipment; thor-ough testing, diagnosis and repair of ever y component; full cosmetic resto-ration; systems and parts packaged and shipped with care Same day shipping of in-stock products Factor y trained inspection and testing processes Refurbishing Process Includes Refurbished On Site Not generally; based on the extensive process, preference is to refurbish in our facility Modality specific or outsourced expert refurbishment OEM trained service department ac-cording to modality-specific guidelines Modality specific and according to OEM guidelines Yes Manufacture all our own units Setup Deinstallation Installation Warranty De-installation crew for CT equipment Professional installation crew Warranties offered on ever y system; standard 30 days up to 1 year; war-ranty matched on all parts sold Competitively priced, cover P.M.s, parts, materials and labor, and tubes Yes, of the parts sold to a customer, but a restocking fee is normally charged Yes Yes 1 to 2 year warranty on all products NA Plug and play installation 1-year warranty Services Available Service Contracts Returns Accepted Yes Yes Extended warranty available Only in special circumstances Yes, but a restock fee may apply Yes, through our RMA desk Training Offered Offered on GE and Toshiba CT mo-dalities No Yes 1-day installation and training with purchase; can differ by dealer Company Web Site Phone Number Independence Cryogenic Engineering (ICE) www.cr yopumper.com 609-294-0012 Philips Healthcare www.healthcare.philips.com Canada, all healthcare products: 800-291-6743 United States, sales – imaging: 800-229-6417; customer Care Ser vice Center (Field Ser vice, spare parts): 800-722-9377; all other inquiries: 800-934-7372 Refurbished X-ray, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, PET CT, and ultrasound systems Offers pre-owned Philips systems that have been carefully selected, refur-bished, updated, and quality-tested Varies Quest International Inc. www.questinc.com 800-231-6777, 949-581-9900 Radiology OneSource www.radiologyonesource.com 615-577-1723 General Info. Modalities MRI, NMR ISO 9001:2008, 13485:2003, and 14001:2004 registered* CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, X-ray and fluoroscopy, mammography, ultrasound, bone densitometr y, and accessories All Brand(s) Sold Leybold, Sumitomo, SHI-APD, APD, CTI, Balzer, Daikin All types of medical monitors and peripherals* 5 business days Refurbished/Parts Average Turnaround Time Refurbishing Process Includes 1 week Complete rebuild and test to meet original OEM specifications NA NA 5-step Philips Diamond Select Refur-bishment process delivers “like-new” quality; visit ISO-certified facility built 100 percent according to Philips sus-tainability guidelines Variety of on-site refurbishment pro-grams for several imaging modali-ties; on-site system renewal programs known as Philips Catalyst upgrades Comprehensive component level refur-bishment of all imaging peripherals, as well as CRTs, LCDs backlight and panel replacements and plastics (be-zel, cabinet) Depot repair for imaging peripherals Refurbished On Site If needed Manufacture all our own units Setup Deinstallation Installation NA NA 6 months parts and labor for rebuilt equipment; 1 year parts and labor on new equipment Available Step 2 of the refurbishment process is skilled de-installation and transport* Step 4 of the refurbishment process is effective installation* Full warranty and support (same as new) system warranty Full range of ser vice solutions avail-able with Diamond Select products NA NA 1 year parts and labor or manufacturer’s warranty Yes Yes Yes Warranty Services Available Service Contracts Returns Accepted Currently available Yes Yes Yes Philips-published terms and conditions apply to Diamond Select products Philips clinical education offered as standard benefit with Philips Diamond Select purchases; additional training may be purchased as needed Yes Training Offered Yes NA Yes * Note: Some specs may be edited due to space constraints To view charts in their entirety, and see all of our other data sheets, visit www.r t -image. com/datasheet . |www .rt -imag e . c om| January 2 4 , 2 011 | 19 |

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