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MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY • SPRING 2012 • VOL. 29, NO. 3 22 GETTING WET: MSU IS IMMERSED IN THE GROWING FIELD OF WATER RESEARCH In recent years MSU has dived into a number of research projects that involve one of the most precious commodities of our time—water. 32 BRICK AND MORTAR GIFTS: A CORNERSTONE OF OUR PAST AND FUTURE A number MSU buildings, probably more than might be commonly believed, were made possible by private gi s from alumni and friends. 42 PRIMA CIVITAS FOUNDATION: A VISIONARY PLAN FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT MSU’s vision created one of the nation’s most unique economic development solutions—an organization with the cryptic name of “Prima Civitas Foundation.” President’s Message 3 In-Basket 5 DEPARTMENTS Around Circle Drive 6 Spartan Saga 14 Spartan Pro les 16 Sports 48 Alma Matters 54 State’s Stars 62 Obituaries 66 Lasting Impressions 72 Cover: Co er photography by Kurt Stepnitz, University Relations. e MSU Alumni Magazine is available online for alumni and iends of Michigan State University MSU ALUMNI MAGAZINE • SPRING 2012 FOR ALUMNI AND FRIENDS OF MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY Access additional online magazine content. This icon denotes Arts & Culture content.

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