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If you want to know what this singer is thinking, just listen to her songs. When Taylor Swift has something to say, she doesn't pick up the phone. Instead, she picks up her guitar. This superstar, 20, loves to write songs about her life. In 2009, Taylor's album Fearless was a smash hit. It won Album of the Year at the Country Music Awards. "This album is my diary," she said when she got the award. "Thank you for saying that you like my diary!" Big Dreams Taylor didn't start out writing songs. But she loved singing and country music. When Taylor was 11, she saw a TV show about the country singer Faith Hill. She learned that Faith got her start in Nashville, Tennessee. "I started begging my mom to bring me there," says Taylor. Her mom Scholastic Action I February 22, 2010 5 agreed. Taylor remembers, "My mom would stop in front of a record label, and I'd run in and hand over my CD." It didn't work. Taylor was turned down. Try, Try Again Taylor didn't give up. "I realized I needed to find a way to stand out," she says. "So I started writing songs and learned to play guitar." Taylor's focus on music wasn't popular at school. "Anything that makes you different in middle school makes you weird," she says. Taylor wrote down her feelings about being teased. She says, "People could say anything they wanted about me, because I was going to write a song about it." By the time she was 14, Taylor had written a lot of songs. She also had a record deal. From the Heart Taylor doesn't get teased anymore. She still has plenty to write about, though. Taylor says, "If you break my heart, hurt my feelings, or mess with my friends, I will write a song about you." Sometimes Taylor's writing gets her in trouble with friends. Still, Taylor doesn't worry about it. "If one person is able to relate to my music, then it's worth it," she says. -Tara Welty

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