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A '00-YEAR-OLD MYSTERY SOLVED? A '4i1;J.lQJ HOW DEER REMEMBER THE COLD WAR November, and the T he Berlin Wall came down 20 years ago last Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. But the red deer living in woods where an electric fence, barbed wire, and guards with machine guns once marked the border between COMMUNISM IS DEAD in Europe, but they still stick to their side of the old Iron Curtain. West Germany and Czechoslovakia don't seem to understand that the Cold War is over: They still refuse to cross the border, according to The WaLL Street JournaL, even though the deer alive today have no memory of the fence and the no-man's-land that surrounded it. There's now a vast wildlife preserve around the footpath where the fence stood, and the deer are free to roam between Germany and the Czech Republic. But in the seven years that wildlife biologists have been tracking the deer with GPS collars, only three, all males, have set foot on the other side of the invisible "Iron Curtain" that once cut off Communist Eastern Europe from Western Europe. One of the biologists explains that deer have traditional trails passed down through generations, and females, who stay with their moms longer than their brothers, stick even more closely to their mothers' turf . • JANUARY 18, 2010 5 computer program called PL@giarism was developed by a Dutch university to detect student cheating. But in a very different application, it may also help settle a 150-year-old debate about a mysterious 16th-century play about King Edward III of England. Brian Vickers of the University of London says that a comparison of The Reign of King Edward /II-which was published anonymously in 1596, when William Shakespeare was 32-with works by Shakespeare turned up 200 matches of phrases of three or more words. (Vickers says he would expect to find 10 to 20 matches The program also found 200 matches between the play and works by playwright Thomas Kyd, which suggests he may have collaborated with Shakespeare on the play . •

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