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enhance the continuity of care we are able to provide,” said Dr. Noorbehescht. “The patient benefits because I’m already familiar with her case, and the referring physician only has to go to one place for results.” According to Strong, women in the community are happy with Palms Imaging’s mammography services, and not only because it expedites the screening and diagnostic process. Patients also appreciate knowing they’re being screened with the latest technology. “From my experience talking to patients in the community, they’re excited about the availability of digital mammography,” said Strong. “Women are very educated these days about the latest technology – and we’re very happy to be providing that for them.” THE DIFFERENCE PATIENTS CAN FEEL The state-of-the-art Selenia digital mammography system is just part of Palms Imaging’s Soft Touch Mammo program. The program combines many elements focused on enhancing patient comfort, like the MammoPad breast cushion, a relaxing atmosphere and a staff that goes the extra mile to ensure a positive experience. Palms Imaging chose to offer the MammoPad breast cushion in an effort to increase patient satisfaction by providing a warmer, more comfortable exam – and it didn’t take long for women to respond. “Patients have never seen anything like this. We’ve gotten great feedback – women say it definitely makes a difference by reducing compression and making it warmer,” Dr. Noorbehesht said. “Women very much appreciate that MammoPad is available to them.” In addition to comfort, the MammoPad breast cushion improves the quality of the exam. By holding the breast in place, the cushion contributes to better positioning, which leads to a better overall image. Palms Imaging believes every woman should have equal access to the highest quality screening, which is why they pro-vide MammoPad standard-of-care. “We realize a mammogram isn’t something most women look forward to, and we’ll do anything we can to make it a more comfortable experience,” said Strong. "We use MammoPad on every woman because we think every patient deserves to have the best quality.” The personal attention Palms Imaging provides is evident before a patient even enters the facility. The staff coordinates all administrative details prior to the appointment – including insurance verification and obtaining prior exams from other facilities – to ensure a stress-free experience for women. “We really go out of our way to make sure patients are comfortable at all times. Every employee here understands that their main mission is to treat every patient like a member of our own family,” Strong said. “It’s made a very noticeable difference when it comes to patient care.” The comforting attitude is reinforced when women arrive at the center, which was built to project a relaxing, spa-like environment. There are no cold tile floors or stark white walls – the entire facility has either carpet or wood floors, and the walls are painted in soothing neutral shades. Women are also pleased to discover that mammography patients have their own separate waiting room. Palms Imaging Center calls its Soft Touch Mammo program “The difference you can feel.” Women in the community clearly recognize – and appreciate – that difference. “We regularly hear how wonderful our facility is from our patient feedback program. They compare our site to others, saying they felt like they were being rushed through at other facilities,” said Strong. “They love how warm our facility is, and they’re very appreciative of the time and care our staff shows them.” SPREADING THE WORD ABOUT QUALITY & COMFORT Palms Imaging Center received designation as both a Pink Ribbon Facility™ and Softer Mammogram Provider™ for its use of Hologic Selenia digital mammography and the MammoPad breast cushion. The center took advantage of the benefits of these designations, including the Pink Ribbon and MammoPad Select marketing programs provided by Hologic, to spread the word about its new mammography services. The center aimed to build awareness about the importance of breast health and the availability of the Soft Touch Mammo program among both referring physicians and local interest groups. Palms Imaging utilized tools from the mar-keting kit, including brochures, posters and reminder cards, to reach out to the American Cancer Society, local cancer centers, senior living facilities and many others. “Both the Pink Ribbon program and the MammoPad Select program were a great jump start for our marketing efforts. We still use a lot of information and tools from both kits,” Strong said. “Everything Hologic has done to help us promote our mammography services has been amazing.” Less than a year after launching the Soft Touch Mammoprogram, Palms Imaging was pleased with the growth they experienced. “We’re very happy with the rate that our mammography vol-umes are increasing as we continue to get the word out. It’s becoming clear that women are very much interested in the par-ticular mammography services we’ve put together, particularly because it includes Selenia digital mammography and MammoPad,” said Strong. |www.rt-image.com| October 4, 2010 |13|