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Editor & PUBLiSHEr Elliott rebhun ExEcUtivE Editor ian Zack SEnior EditorS Patricia Smith, veronica Majerol tEacHEr’S Edition alison Zimbalist coPy EditorS ingrid accardi, Suzanne Bilyeu art dirEctor valerie trucchia ProdUction Editor/WEB ProdUcEr Moom Luu SEnior PHoto Editor richard Serviss SEnior cartograPHEr Jim McMahon digitaL iMaging Bonnie ardita circULation dirEctor danielle Mirsky advErtiSing dirEctor ann amstutz Hayes 212 343 6573 crEativE dirEctor Judith christ-Lafond ExEcUtivE ProdUction dirEctor Barbara Schwartz SyStEMS dirEctor david Hendrickson ManagEr, digitaL iMaging Marc Stern ExEcUtivE EditoriaL dirEctor, coPy dESk craig Moskowitz dirEctor, ManUFactUring & diStriBUtion Mimi Esguerra aSSociatE dirEctor, ManUFactUring Brian Fedison ProdUction aSSociatE, ManUFactUring georgiana deen SEnior inForMation SPEciaLiSt karen van rossem December 13, 2010 How much do you know about the world’s major religions? P. 10 nEW york tiMES Editoria L Board aSSiStant Managing Editor craig r. Whitney aSSiStant Managing Editor tom Bodkin aSSiStant to tHE Managing Editor nancy Sharkey features cover story  6  Is football Too Dangerous? Head injuries among players are rising, and the effects are more serious than previously realized. Departments   3 news & Trends Sc HoLaStic inc. PrESidEnt & cEo richard robinson ExEcUtivE vicE PrESidEnt Hugh roome tHE nEW york t i MES PUBLiSHEr arthur ochs Sulzberger Jr. PrESidEnt Scott H. Heekin-canedy gEnEraL ManagEr, nEWS SErvicES Michael greenspon ExEcUtivE dirEctor, PUBLicationS alice ting tE ac HEr adviSEr S Susan Baker, StUart, FL Phyllis J. Bowie, ancHoragE, ak troy Burke, FairFiELd, ca george Burroughs, MontcLair, nJ Judy carrico, aLtaMontE SPringS, FL christine F. clemens, SUMMit, nJ Elizabeth contreras, daLLaS, tx cleveland craig, BrUnSWick, ga tyler Faetz, FrankLin, nc doug dunakey, EngLEWood, FL Jason Fernandez, HaLLandaLE, FL ron indra, Santa crUZ, ca Elaine Joya, grEEnviLLE, MS nikki kersbergen, gEnEva, ny Matt krogman, contooncook, nH tom Lamont, groton, Ma tammy Lee, SaginaW, Mi Manuel Lopez, SaLinaS, ca Margaret Luck, SandWicH, Ma Ben Johnson, ELM grovE, Wi Emily Murphy, nEW york, ny cathy Pittman, BrUnSWick, ga Joan Shacklette, St. LoUiS, Mo Mary Swier, riPon, ca Jesse Sutton, EngLEWood, FL carole tierney, grEEnWicH, ct Peter vilbig, BrookLyn, ny deb Ward, oMaHa, nE ruth Warehime, SEnEcaviLLE, oH Linda Weissman, nEW york, ny FoUndEr, ScHoLaStic inc. Unlocking chocolate’s DNA, a car that drives itself, tweeting from the top of Mt. Everest, and more 21 The ethicist Are you liable if your tied-up dog bites someone? national  8  Targeting Tobacco Will new graphic warning labels on cigarette packs stop teens from smoking? 22 Debate Is the health care law good for the nation? national 10 what’s Your religion IQ? Many Americans know little about major religions. Find out how much you know. 23 cartoons Some lighter looks at what’s in the news International 12 rising son North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il’s mysterious young son may soon rule this poor, dangerous country. ONliNe upfrontmagazine.com Features and research topics related to this issue Times Past 14 The war Before the war The Persian Gulf War, launched 20 years ago next month, helped shape America’s involvement in the Middle East today. subscribe Teachers: 1-800-schOLasTIc ParenTs: 1-866-512-1104 COVER PHOTO BY MICHAEL CONROY/AP IMAGES; THIS PAGE: DOUGLAS PEARSON/CORBIS Go to our website or call toll free International 17 world war I Is finally Over! The fighting ended in 1918, but Germany just made its last reparations payment. WriTe TO us upfront@scholastic.com The new YOrk TImes UPfrOnT 557 BrOaDwaY new YOrk, nY 10012 Maurice r. robinson, 1895-1982 POSTAL INFORMATION The New York Times Upfront (ISSN 15251292 in Canada 2-c no 9226) is published biweekly Sept Oct Nov Jan and April (with a double issue for 11/8 and 11/22) monthly Dec Feb Mar and May 14 issues by Scholastic Inc 2931 East McCarty Street Jefferson City MO 65102-3710 Periodical postage paid at Jefferson C ty MO 65101 and additional offices POSTMASTERS Send notice of address changes to The New York Times Upfront 2931 East McCarty Street PO Box 3710 Jefferson City Mo 65102-3710 PUBLISHING INFORMATION PUBLISHING INFORMATION U S prices $9 40 per school year $4 70 per semester for each of 10 or more subscriptions to the same address 1-9 subscriptions per year $19 95 student $25 95 Teacher’s Edition only 1-9 subscriptions per semester $8 00 for student and $13 00 for Teacher’s Edition only Single copy $2 50 student $700 Teacher’s Edition Home single subscription price is $19 95 A 9% shipping and hand ing charge will be added to the total subscription order (For Canadian pricing write our Canadian office address below ) For communications relating to subscriptions write The New York Times Upfront Scholastic Inc 2931 East McCarty Street PO Box 3710 Jefferson City MO 65102-3710 ca l 1-800-SCHOLASTIC or contact us at www scholastic com/custsupport Canadian address Scholastic-Canada Ltd 175 Hillmount Road Markham Ontario L6C 1Z7 Indexed in Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature Available on microform through UMI Inc 300 N Zeeb Rd Ann Arbor MI 48106 Also available on microfiche through Be l & Howell Micro Photo Division Old Mansfield Rd Wooster OH 44691 Copyright © 2010 Scholastic Inc Scholastic Upfront and associated logos are trademarks/registered trademarks of Scholastic Inc All Rights Reserved Materials in this issue may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any form or format without special permission from the publisher Printed in U S A education 20 spell-check Perils Relying on spell-check is always risky, especially on college applications. on the cover: Notre Dame running back Armando Allen Jr. (left) loses his helmet as he’s tackled by University of Connecticut linebacker Greg Lloyd Jr. in a game last year. Drugs & your boDy A message from scholastic & the National institute on Drug Abuse p. 18

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