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Grammar HINT SIGHT/SITE Sight is the power or act of seeing someone or something. It can also be something that is seen. (The sight of peas makes Derek ill.) Site is the location of something, or where something important happened. (Abraham Lincoln’s house is a historic site.) LOVE IN FALLS When Homer and Marge Simpson met, it was love at first sight/site . At least for Homer it was. Marge took some convincing. Let’s face it: Homer isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Consider the time he reached into a beehive and shoved a handful of bees and honey into his mouth, or the time he pushed 16 crayons up his nose, or the time he caused a meltdown at the sight/site of the nuclear power plant . . . we could go on and on. Marge just looooooves the sight of my shiny bald head. The key to looking this good is finding the perfect site on the red carpet for a photo. They’re rich. They’re famous. They’re hip-hop royalty. Beyoncé and Jay-Z were first sighted/sited together almost 10 years ago, and they are now music’s most powerful couple. Bey and Jay are extremely private about their relationship; they even managed to keep the sight/site of their wedding a secret. SCHOLASTIC.COM/SC 01&t FEBRUARY 20, 2012 3 LEFT TO RIGHT: 2011 SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT, LLC; WWW.FOXFLASH.COM; FRANK TRAPPER/CORBIS; BACKGROUND HEARTS: WWW.ISTOCKPHOTO.COM

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